Tapes And Cords

Shri Lakshmi Narrow Fabrics has its specialties in supplies of basic and customized products such as cotton twill tapes, yarn dyed cotton twill tapes, label printing tapes, polyester yarn dyed tapes, spun polyester yarn dyed tapes, mini jacquard tapes, curtain tapes, belt tapes, cords, round cords that are made out of cotton, bright polyester, polyester, polypropylene, nylon mono filament and blended yarns. Any color, any size, any design can be supplied to our customer with a quality that can meet international standards in raw materials used, and dyeing and weaving. The company has a production capacity of 60,000 meter/day.

We offer Chords from conventional braiding machines and from needle braiding machines. It also supply these chords in regular braids (round), tubular braids (flat), flat braid and elasticized braids.

At - Shri Lakshmi Narrow Fabrics, we are recognized as quality zipper tapes supplier in the zipper industry. These taps are usually made of polyester and cotton as per the technical specification required for each size of the zips

We manufacturer wide range of polypropylene tapes and belts in various colors. These tapes and belts are used in the baggages, shoes, jumbo bags etc

We manufacturer nylon tapes from nylon 6 and nylon 66 as per the requirement of the customer. Nylon tapes can also be dyed to the required shades, if the quantities do match the capacities.

These tapes are being used on garments, shoes, baggage, seat belt, parachute belts and for other purposes

We manufacture wide range of belt tapes which can be made out of cotton, polyester, nylon, polypropylene and also in yarn dyed. These belts are being made on special machines where the thickness and pick density can be taken up very high.

We offers wide range of Mini Jacquard Tapes from a very technically sound team and also with its years of experience in designing. Simply to say you name the design and we do it for you.

Shri Lakshmi Narrow Fabrics also offers a wide range of spun polyester tapes in RFD & yarn dyed as per the requirement of the buyers in any color and size. Our spun polyester yarn dyed tapes are manufactured as per international dyeing standards.

We have the facility to supply yarn dyed cotton twill tapes in any color and count. The dyeing standard has been accepted by some of the major buying houses and are supplying to a number of garment and other accessory manufacturers.

We follow OEKO TEX standards and all dyed tapes are AZO free and free from formaldehyde and good fastness parameters.

Cotton twill tapes use a higher, finer thread count, which makes them sturdy but delicate to be used in tailored garments. The different twill designs woven into each style create a unique appearance. Twill tapes are made of various materials, but the most common is cotton.

Cotton tape is one of the most popular varieties of tapes because of its durability, softness and excellent range of colors. It is made in a varied range of colors .Hand washed and dried flat, this 100% cotton tapes is a perfect summer yarn. It is soft and easy to knit.

  • It is decorative and long lasting.
  • Bright and clear color options.
  • Can be easily dyed.

We have the facility to produce curtains tapes in polyester, cotton, polypropylene and mono filament as per the customer requirement. The strings and ropes inserted can be changed as per requirements and the hook look distance can be maintained as required.

We source our raw materials from Reliance Industries and Mehratex to manufacture our products. High pressure and temperature dyeing process is imbibed by us to achieve required colors with good standards. If required by customer, yarn in weaved pattern in cora & red colors can also be sourced from us. Our products are apt to be used in garments, shoe, baggage and in other applications.

Shri Lakshmi Narrow Fabrics offers wide range of label printing tapes made out of cotton, cotton polyester, texturised polyester and spun polyester in the required sizes. These tapes are used in the label industry to make printed labels.